Full tilt poker is rigged

If your EV Line is under the profit line more than 100 hundred percent or nearly then its definate proof that Pokerstars is rigged.Maybe FT is rigged? edit:. You think regulatory agents have time to go through 100's of 1000s of lines of code?. In the case of Full Tilt,.

By that I mean your preflop hand strength has no value vs your opponents hands unless you go allin preflop every single time.Either you open your own clean pokersite or you will get cheated thats for sure.

Had to set up a few bluffs to keep my chip stack up as a result of only having 2 hands in 3 and half bloody hours.Is poker stars rigged ? the. The real truth of Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker. and can vouch that it follows the full tilt approach and is minting money by.These people are unregulated and there is nothing at all to keep them from robbing us blind with robots and fixed cards.Most polls asking whether or not people think online poker is rigged come up 60%-70% say NO.

Deal these flops 8D 4D JD, —10S 9S 5D —7D 5D 7S—AC 4C JS—9S 10S JD—Kd Qs 8d—-Js Jc KS—7s 8d 9s—-As 2D Ks—-3s 9d 5s on a 9 player table, and 4 to 7 players will think they have a good chance in winning the hand and will bet all the way to the river, and will say nh.But they should give access to it on the server as it runs not provide a copy because who is to say that software is actually running.

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He is one serious guy toward this game, simply because this is his job and his passion.NEXT HAND, no paus from this sh-it I get KK on BB, he raises I choose to only call flop 7S QC 5S, i bet he goes all in I call and he has 68 Spades and he hits the flush on the river.The Great Debate: Is Online Poker Rigged?. Black Friday and the ongoing saga surrounding Full Tilt Poker have thrown the game of online poker into disrepute.

A few people who have contributed to the debate are putting together something to present to the poker stars board with a view to getting them to release vital information and data to put and end to all the speculation.Pokerstars is to 1000% manipulated, I play poker regularly since 6 years now.

Full Tilt Poker is absolutely RIGGED. I have conducted a concerted study of them over many months,. Loc: ninja modng, bitches, u need 2.You will no doubt be very tempted to play good poker, but resist, because as soon as you do start playing good poker, you will be flagged as a good player, and the bad beats will start piling up.If you are an experienced player, you know that it is rigged, end of story.Originally Posted by squizzel he had 11% equity Now I understand why every 10th post is '<insert poker site here> is rigged'.A day or two after a deposit I always win no matter how bad I play.After reading most of the comments I will say that if yall are wanting to convince others of the inherently unfair nature of online poker you are not going about it correctly.If nothing else, keep track of how often you get kings only to be up against aa or be sure to take note of your up and down swings straight after a deposit.So many years gone but at the end poker became what it was odten in past.

So, I think I am defintely done with online again, for a while at least.I'm not sure whether it's funny or sad that even after my post on why online poker is not rigged,. Full Tilt Poker. Motivations For Rigging Online Poker I.Again I started to win until I got close to a point where I would be profitable should I cash out.You see, one of the players who had been cleaned out by the cheater had requested a hand history and because the cheat had a super user account the spreadsheet the software generated and was sent to the player was also showing all the players hands at the table not just those that normally would be shown.Find Full Tilt Poker Customer. Full tilt said i should contact them at customer support yet you could not. Dear Full Tilt Poker…Your software is rigged.Dont believe their tests show your own tests and show Pokerstars.I think, if there was a way to estimate how much longer a tournament would last if the good players, who will probably mainly be tight-aggressive players, especially online, it would be very interesting.

Full Tilt Poker’s Gaming License Suspended, Poker Room Shut Down.Its a absolute joke.Sure I been around for a long time on poker sites, and sometimes you feel this is getting a bit out of hand.But this place is a pure.I played on bwin last night and having KK I raised about 3X BB.